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Toni Rowland


Toni Rowland was born and raised in Grafenwoehr, Bavaria, Germany, she is #6 of 9 children born to her parents. At the tender age of 18 she married a Soldier stationed at her hometown and in 1988 she followed him to the USA. In 1990 she was blessed with a daughter who eventually got her involved in Theater at the high school. Having always enjoyed watching live theater on tv such as the Komoedienstadl and the Ohnsorg Theatre; it was fun learning the ins and outs of what goes into theater behind the scenes.

In 2009 Toni first volunteered for PFAA-TOTS during The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe, helping with costuming, soon she was helping building sets, more costuming and stage managing for plays, even venturing into tech.

In 2010 Toni joined the Board of Directors first as the Facility Manager and then later as the Treasurer. Most productions you see her in her ticket-booth, she handles all the reservations and tickets for all the productions.

In 2019 she shadowed Maria Whittaker as a Director for 12 Angry Men and in 2022 she directed her first play, Sherlock Holmes and the Portal of Time.

Outside of the theater life, Toni enjoys spending time with her daughter and granddaughter who live with her, as well as spending time with her longtime boyfriend and her dog. She enjoys reading, watching mysteries or detective shows, gaming and LEGOS.


Toni Rowland
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