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PFAA is an organization to encourage the appreciation of the arts and to provide opportunities to participate in the arts. We want to touch and enrich the lives of individuals and enhance the quality of life in our community through the arts.

Upcoming shows
Drama Performance

March 12+13, 19-21*, 26+27

AT 7:30 PM Fri & Sat

Sun Matinee 2:30 PM

Ladies of Harmony

By Ron Hill

Theartre performance

June 4+5, 11-13*, 18+19

AT 7:30 PM Fri & Sat

Sun Matinee 2:30 PM

Fairytale Courtroom

By Dana Proulx

Sept. 3+4, 10-12*, 17+18

AT 7:30 PM Fri & Sat

Sun Matinee 2:30 PM

Aunt Cathie's Cat

By Felicia Metcalfe


In order to practice social distancing and help protect our community, cast, and crew we will be limiting our auditorium seating and tickets to 40 per show. We ask our patrons to please RSVP via the ticket page or via text message/call. Thank you! We are thankful for our amazing patrons and hope to see you all again soon.